We offer to every charging point in the world a unique three words address


Every charging point in the world gets unique 3 words address. The fastest and accurate way to find and navigate.


Universal TanglePAY™ IoT controllers and sensors for management and monitoring

  • Hardware devices with Graphene batteries, switchable programmable Graphene RFID tag. Sensors and interfaces for CP monitoring and management.
  • Devices for home and office energy share.
  • Powered by IOTA
  • TanglePAY™ wallet.


Navigato is a B2B and B2C solution

  • A robust SaaS platform
  • Mobile apps with TanglePAY™ wallet and cool W3W charging points addresses
  • Connected to #TANGLE Charging Stations
  • #IOTA based IoT controllers and sensors
  • TanglePAY™ wallet

Faster and accurate navigation with unique W3W technology! We will give a unique W3W address for each Charging Point in the world! Forget about your old bunch of plastic RFID cards, can add all of them in our TanglePAY™ wallet and not only! Easy Roaming between Charging point operators. All these things give a bunch of features to business and end users. If you want to monitor your charging stations without disassembling parts and make difficult integrations, if you want to make your smart stations smarter, or you are a private customer and want to share your home and office and snack bar energy for public use with a fee or for free. Easy scalable. Feel the freedom of decentralization. #IOTA #TANGLE